Hello. Thank you for visit my website. Sorry, this site is Japanese language only. (Of course, except this page)

The reason I made this website is... I was fascinated by the movies since my early childhood. I just love to watch any kind of movies, and I tried to watch them all. I was fascinated by those silver screen stars those Japanese distributors showed me. Stars like so called brad packers, "Goonies" or "Stand by Me" idols.

Then I watched Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor movies like "Brewster's Millions" and "48 hrs". I love them. Whole new laughs towards me, something I've never had before but something I can relate to. Then I watched "Mo' Money", instantly Damon Wayans became my idol. I just wanted to know all about him, I just want to write to him how much I loved his movie. But soon I realized he was never on Japanese movie magazines. but those brad packers were on covers. That time we didn't have internet like now. I don't know when Damon's new movies come out to Japan. Then I found his new movies in the stores, 2 or 3 years later from original US release. So my passion for Damon was not so growing back then. I think every moviegoer want to watch their idols right then, not 2 or 3 years later, and definitely not on VHS! I want him on BIG screen. Soon I found there are so many talented actors were never on Japanese movie magazines. I just wanted to know who played Eddie Murphy's good friend in gBoomerangh (needless to say, two snaps and a kiss combination with Damon, David Alan Grier. I had no idea back then!) , I just wanted to know who made the gJuiceh and why he made. I felt very irritated.

I felt my situation is much related to Japanese moviegoers too. Especially so called Black movies or Urban movies lovers. They don't have much enough to opportunity to watch their loves, so it is very easy to lose their passion for their favorite movies or actors.

Then I read Donald Boogle's book gToms, Coons, Mulattoes, Mammies, Bucksh, my inspiration was there. So many talented actors ignored in Japan. Then I read Mark A Reid gRedefining Black Filmh, his book gave me good directions. Mel Watkins' book gOn the Real Sideh cleared what black humor is and why I love their humor.

They are my inspirations, what they did in the books is my goal. There are some Japanese wrote about Black movies, and they are very good source for Japanese too. But I still think there are still missing pages. Some of them are appraised only 70's Blaxploitation era. Or there are missing of names of Charles Burnett, Haile Gerima and UCLA grads. Or some of them are missing what Richard Pryor did in the 80fs!! Can you believe that?

What is the Black movies? That is my biggest challenge. I don't want to be a person who only praise Spike Lee or Blaxploitation. Everybody can do that. Since I started to watch the movies, I realized the black image are numerous. Spike Lee is the black image, but not for all, but good one of them. His movies are not covered all black images. But like I wrote, one of good ones. And gangbangers are not covered all black image, but they are one of them. It is like a piece of puzzles. We need all of them to make it. But I don't want to create stereotype by my movie reviews.

Well, I hope my webpage cover those missing pages of Black Movies. And I know I am a one of happiest who enjoy those good movies. Just want to share with y'all.

So, if you are a movie star, filmmaker, singer, rapper, artist, author or whatever, please contribute with me. It helps me and Japanese fans a lot, and I believe it helps you too. Maybe your pictures find on this site. But I just want to show off your talents, please forgive me. And you like to contribute with me or have good thoughts? Or message to your fan? Or just want to give me your Hollywood money? (WOW!)

Please contact me.

"I've always believed that the culture of a people is the SOUL of a people."
By Harry Belafonte

1. Are Omar Epps (Higher Learning) and Mike Epps (Next Friday) brothers or relatives?
No, they are not identical brothers nor relatives. Just same last name, not like the Wayans family.

2. Did Martin Lawrence used to engaged to actress Lark Voodies?
Yes, they used to engaged, but they are not married. Later Lawrence married other woman.

3. Who killed Tupac?
I don't know!! I wanna know too! Only the god knows.

4. Who did Uncle Melvin in "Once Upon a time...When.."?
That is Leon. You can find him in "Above the Rim", "The Five Heartbeats"...

5. Do you have any naked pictures of celebrities?
No, never!! If you hit this site by serching those, this is not for you. BYE!

6. Are you alright?
Yes, I am OK.

If you still have a question,
Ask me.

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